7 Signs That You Were Born to Sing

7 Signs That You Were Born to Sing

Some musicians like Justine Timberlake were lucky enough to discover their singing talent at an early age. Unfortunately, most of us realise our singing potential in our late teens through to our early twenties.

Sometimes it can be hard to find out if something is for you. Here are the seven tellable signs to know if you were born to sing.

1. Singing Gets You Excited

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One of the ways to tell if you are a good singer is if you always get excited when you think about singing or when an opportunity to perform present itself.

Of course, as a human, you will get tired at times meaning that the excitement to sing will not always be there. However, if you feel excited when you think about singing most of the time, then that is a clear sign that you were born to sing.

A good singer always feels mentally and emotionally elevated when singing. They feel that they are in their own world and never want to stop. Whenever they start to sing, feel-good hormones are released, resulting in a sense of euphoria.

Even if you have great vocals, if you don’t feel excited when singing, then it will be hard for you to become a pro singer. In order to become a good singer, you must be passionate about it. The feeling of euphoria should always be within when singing or when listing to other people singing.

2. Practicing is Super Enjoyable

If you always enjoy your singing lessons, then that is a sign that you are a good singer. It is very difficult to become a professional singer if you don’t enjoy what you are doing.

You need to believe in your singing abilities and be passionate about what you are doing. That means that you should always look forward to going for singing practice lessons.

The reality is that not all practice lessons and practice will go as planned. Sometimes, things will not go your way. For instance, there are certain days when your teacher may push you so hard to perform better.

In some cases, you may realize that your teacher is not a good match for you. However, regardless of the challenges that you get, you still look forward to going for your practice lessons because you enjoy singing.

Great singers don’t run away from their challenges, they confront them head-on because they have a bigger picture in mind. They don’t look at short-term gratification.

Instead, they always look for long-term success. That is why they always find their singing practice lessons fun, regardless of the challenges that they face. They know that challenges are part of the journey that will help become a great singer in the future.

3. You Start Singing Without Realising

If singing is the only thing you ever want to do, then that is a clear indication that you are a good singer. Many people love singing but it is usually not the only thing that they would want to pursue for a lifetime.

So, if you are willing to dedicate your time and effort to signing, then you are destined to be a great singer.

However, the fact that singing is the thing that you always want to do does not mean that you don’t like pursuing other hobbies. It means that you love allocating more of your time and effort to singing because you are passionate about it. Most successful musicians always spend most of their time mastering the art of singing.

If you always find yourself allocating more time to singing, then you are a good singer. You can postpone other things in your life but not singing. For you, Singing always comes first and you wouldn’t mind if it turns out to be the only thing that you do in your life.

4. It Doesn't Feel Like Work

Another sign that indicates you are a good singer is if you don’t find it hard to sing. When you are a talented singer, then singing will never feel like work for you.

When other people around find singing an uphill task, for you, singing is a normal thing that you can do anytime even when you are caught off guard.

Your singing career does not affect other aspects of your life such as work, school, or spending time with your loved ones. You can easily pursue your singing career alongside other important responsibilities such as work or school.

At no point in your life have you ever thought of quitting signing because it is too demanding or consumes a lot of your time and energy.

Even when given short notice to perform, you always put yourself in order and deliver as great permanence that everybody enjoys.

Although you appreciate getting paid for your talent, you don’t allow it to get over you. You always remain focus because you know your primary purpose is not to get a lot of money but to focus on improving your talent to ensure you give your audience the best music.

Money is not your motivating factor to sing, meaning that even if you don’t get paid, you will still continue singing because it is something that you love doing. You can sign anytime because to you, singing does not feel like work.

It is something that you are passionate about and can sing anytime when you are called to perform or just want to sing for personal fulfilment.

5. You are Ready to Learn

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Even if you have the best voice and lyrics in the world, there is always something new to learn. That is why even the most successful musicians in the world engage in programs that help to sharpen their skills. Even if you know a lot about music, being teachable is a crucial trait that can propel you to success as an artist.

So, if you are the kind of person who is always willing to learn something new, then you are or will become a good singer.

As they say, practice makes perfect. The same thing also applies to musicians who are willing to learn new things. The more you learn, the more knowledgeable you become and the faster you can progress in your career.

When you are teachable, you are actually acknowledging your limitations. You can those limitations as a springboard to develop and grow your music career as well as find new opportunities. You can only realize growth in your career if you are willing to adapt to teachable spirits.

The only way to increase your growth capacity is by being open and willing to learn new things. Being teachable will also push your curiosity to want to seek more, meaning you will work even harder to ensure that you get where you want to be in your music career.

6. You Take Constructive Criticism Positively

Another crucial trait that indicates you are a good singer is your willingness to take constructive criticism. As a singer will be in the public eye, meaning you will be subject to public scrutiny.

People will always have something to say about your singing abilities. Some people will praise you for your talent while others will dismiss you.

There is also another group of people who will love your music but will sometimes criticize you if they feel you did not sing well or give you the best. Although these people are criticizing you, their criticism is constructive. They are doing so because they know you can do better than that.

As humans, we don’t like being criticized. We love it when other people say nice things about us. But a good singer should know that they are not perfect and thus should be open to constructive criticism.

Constructive criticism is not bad, what matters is how to take it. The ability of a singer to take constructive criticism is a sign of maturity. This is because it gives you a chance to improve areas that you are not yet good at. It helps you learn the areas in your career that could be improved

Constructive criticism also helps you to manage your emotional reaction, which is very important when you are in the public eye. When you receive constructive criticisms well, it can help you learn new things and become a better singer.

Remember that constructive criticism is not meant to bring you down. It is a form of honesty from other people who want you to become better.

7. Finally... You Have a Great Attitude and Professionalism

Your professionalism and overall attitude towards singing will determine whether you will become a good singer or not. When you have a great attitude, you will start feeling better about your singing ability.

You will also start treating yourself with more love and respect and this will, in turn, boost your inner strength and confidence level.

Having a great attitude will also enable you to tackle any challenge that comes your way with ease. You will have optimism in your singing career and this will make it easier to avoid negative thinking and worries.

If you adopt a great attitude to your singing career, it will bring constructive changes that will make your career brighter and more successful.

Alongside a great attitude comes professionalism. Professionalism means being reliable, accountable, setting your own high standards, and showing that you care about every aspect of your singing career.

Good singers are always very professional in what they do. They take their singing career very seriously. For instance, if you have a singing lesson to attend, you always show up in class on time, if not a little early.

Tips on How to Enhance Your Singing Skills

1. Practice! Practice! Practice!

If you want to enhance your singing skill and become a pro singer then you need to practice. The more you practice, the better you will become. So practice as many times as you can.

Crucial areas that you need special focus on when practicing include controlling breathing while singing and refining your pitch, you also need to find a music style that is in line with the natural timbre of your voice.

2. Take some voice classes

Another great way to sharpen your singing skill is by taking some voice classes. Being guided by a professional vocal coach will greatly help to improve your singing skill.

Choose a singing coach who will focus on both your pitch and alongside other techniques including how to breathe, how to stand, how to move around the stage among many others.

Singing is not just about having great vocals, it is also about how you carry yourself when performing at the stage to a large crowd.

3. Record your voice

Recording your voice can help you analyze your vocal objectively. How sinus cavities interpret sound differs from one person to the other. So the best way to know how great your voice is is by hearing yourself through a recording.

Use a recorder app on your smartphone or use a voice then sign for at least 30 seconds.

This option is highly recommended, especially if you are still nervous to sing in front of others. Nobody will hear your recording but only you.

Final Words

If you want to be a great singer then the tips given above are crucial signs that can indicate whether you are heading in the right direction or not. Remember that you cannot be a great singer overnight.

It takes patience, self-confidence, discipline, regular practice, passion, and commitment to your career in order to be successful.

Above all, you should always have fun when singing. You should always be excited every time you think about singing. In fact, singing should be most your favorite thing to do.

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