14 Popular Upbeat Praise and Worship Songs

14 Popular Upbeat Praise and Worship Songs

We can all admit that praise and worship songs are spirit lifters during times of despair, regardless of how religious you are. 2021 might probably be the year you want to count your blessings with some praise and worship songs.

Below are 14 popular upbeat praise and worship songs that you need to listen to:

1. Let there be wonder by Matt Redman

There's no way Matt Redman can produce a worship song and fail to be aware of it. Typical as it may sound, his mesmerizing vocals are unique in every piece he composes, including this one.

This song has had a fair opportunity of sharing the same media spotlight in the worship community as the most common pieces such as;' 10,000 reasons’.

It's no doubt that Matt Redman's worship songs would form a perfect combination of cooperate worship songs.
Similar songs sharing the same notes are 'all praise (sing praise)' and 'Upon Him.'

2. Sons and daughters by Vineyard Worship

This song bears a simple message delivered in an utmost simplified manner and other simple messages embedded in it.

This song is simply a reminder of who we are in the eyes of God. The song is a prayer calling for humility and unity to be echoed and spread throughout nations.

The liturgical repetition dictates a well-defined time for personal and congregational worship.

3. Only Song by Mike Clark Band

Remember back in 2013 when three guys dropped a worship jam, "only hands"? Well, it seems like they are back and jacked up with another banger," only song."

Their sound innovation had a different unique variation which distinguished them from the rest. ‘Only song’ seems to be performing just right.

Will they manage another jam? Let's wait and see. Probably their next release is what most churches would be adopting.

4. Even Louder by People of The Earth

Released in 2019. Many prominent praises and worship artists have recorded this song countless times, such as Leeland, Natalie Grand ISAAC, and Steven Malcolm.

The base foundation for the embedded message is ideal in spreading positivity. This is quite evident in the lyrical piece;
"I will sing your praise in the dark of the valley……even if the drums stop beating, my soul will keep on singing".

5. Way maker by Michael W Smith

This song feels like it cuts through the music scene since being conceived. Much of the music produced by Michael W smith seems to have a consistent pattern of simplicity.

Maybe that is why we love his songs and are ranking this "Way maker" among the songs at the top position.

With poignant lyrical sound and gospel texture, this song is a high-value treasure playing at a completely different level.

Now that most people have realized the fantastic feel of this song from 2019 to 2021, it will be hard to resist listening to it.

Another one-of-a-kind song sharing the same features with this song is its hybrid version featured in Michael W smith's latest album, "awaken: surrounded experience."

6. Fresh wind by Hillsong Worship

A theme of renewal is most likely to occur after the end of 2021. This means there will be more revival and refreshing in the worship songs.

Probably, a fresh wind of hill song is what we need to be hearing right now. This song's perfect balance strike is prayerfully powerful and lyrically poetic. Apart from that, it is also accessible and worshipful.

7. Wind and waters By Native Kingdom

When new artists step out of the congregative shadows, there is always some form of excitement. Native kingdoms are no strangers to this phenomenon.

Honestly, they are faring well than was thought. The good thing is that the base foundation with the original song has been strengthened by this song 'wind and waters.'

This song has indeed proven to be an upbeat worship anthem. The question is, will they be able to deliver other quality pieces to replace their base foundation?

8. Where are you by the Worship Initiative

If you're familiar with the songs this group has composed and sang, then you'll realize that they never disappoint.

It sounds almost like a spiritual force turning the wheels of musical acceptance of this particular song. This is just but one of the top hits they have managed to achieve.

The constant inspiration the worship initiative seems to be pouring in covers is being used in many churches.

This song will replicate your spiritual hunger in unbelievable ways you can't imagine, and you’ll keep coming back for more.

The top-notch quality output of this song is evident in other preceding covers, such as the 'where you are' version of the original song by Bethany Bernard.

9. Rend Collective’s sing it from shackles

This worship song is one of a kind since it has a unique blend of worship and folk. Indeed, worship transcends genre.
Abiding by their unique musical style, rend collective offered 'sing It from the shackles,' which has pretty much dominated the praise and worship music scene.

Many avid listeners can now relate comparatively by considering it a musical anthem. Its compact rhythmic orchestration and positive message drive the inspiration to listen to it and love it.

10. Follow you anywhere by passion

The passion conference crafted this worship song with young people in mind. Passion is a composition of familiar faces. There's no denying the fact that they are most likely to fall under this category in the name of their song.

The song "follow you anywhere" dates back to 2019. It shared the media spotlight alongside other pieces, and now, it seems like it hasn't lost its cool.

The central theme of the song is God's reminder to us. It means that God is willing to lead us every step of our lives towards a direction He has set if we are open to his spiritual calling.

11. Yes, I will By Vertical Worship

Vertical worship group has released many songs, and 'yes I will' is yet one of the most valuables in 2021. The song has been a go-to worship song for many churches.

Since its inception back in 2019, the song has been in circulation, and two years later, it is still a banger in the worship community. It seems like we can't get enough of this marvelous melody.

'Yes, I will' is a song from the 'bright faith bold future' album. This song stands alongside the live EP 'Planetarium,' featuring a different version of the song.

12. Assurance By NONAH

'Assurance' is a praise and worship song with a bit of pop taste, making it unique in its own way. Perhaps this is the reason NONAH's piece is keeping many people attentive with its hybrid nature.

NONAH is an avid artistic master in crafting musical pieces like this one by pushing musical boundaries.
It is one kind of praise and worship song that’s pretty compelling to listen to the song over and over again.

Maybe to continuously feel the worship pop vibe, it's a high time many considered joining this musical bandwagon in the industry.

13. Here Again by Elevation Worship

'Here again' emerges from the album 'hallelujah.' The scripture, exodus 20:25, inspires this album.

In verse, God asks for an altar to be built in His name with imperfect stones. Similarly, the theme of the worship song has an equivalent inquisition of us from God.

God is inviting all of us to worship him regardless of our sins and imperfections. At the moment, many seem to be drawn by the charm of this song by Elevation from their latest album alongside the song 'Won't stop now.

14. Do it again By Will Morrison

This song is a complete downtempo-styled acoustic as a resultant imagination of Will Morrison. Will Morrison discovered his passion for generating tracks back in 2019 and fell in love off the bat with his newly found gift.

It's not hard to notice the great sense of creativity in the reinterpretation of this song. This song has an uplifting capability of making you experience contemporary worship music even with a smaller worship team.

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