Best 13 Free Music Apps for iPhone Without WiFi

Best 13 Free Music Apps for iPhone Without WiFi

Music is a great way to escape. We all have those days where we just want to turn off the lights, put on some of our favorite tunes and forget about the world for a while.

It's always such a bummer when you're out and about without WiFi or data access, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy music at all!

Here are 13 free apps that will let you listen to your favorite songs without an internet connection:

1. Shazam

The first on our list of best free iOS apps for iPhone without WiFi is Shazam. As the name suggests, it lets you 'Shazam' any song simply by listening to it.

This app can identify music playing around you within seconds and tell you information about the artists who created them along with where to buy the tracks online or at your nearest store.

This app was made by the company Shazam Entertainment Ltd, which first produced it in 1999 for Windows and later continued with its development on other devices like Apple products (iPhone/iPad).

After launching the product onto new platforms they soon introduced a mobile version of their software as well since most people had smartphones at this time.

The purpose of using this program over others is that it can be used without having to type anything or press any buttons; all you have to do really is open up your device's microphone and hold your phone about 2 inches away from whatever song you want to be identified while watching how quickly lyrics pop up on the screen!

Download Shazam Here: IOS Devices - App Store

2. Gaana

Gaana is one of the best free music apps for iPhone without WiFi which allows users from India and 100+ countries around the world to listen to songs and discover new ones at their fingertips.

Gaana offers its users a wide range of songs and other music content to enjoy anytime, anywhere with no restrictions for free.

More than 30 million exciting tracks are available on Gaana for mobile devices including iPhone, Android as well as other mobile platforms such as Blackberry or Windows Phone.

You can find the songs you like on Gaana and play them with this music app for iPhone offline.

Gaana is a paid app, so if you want to enjoy the songs with your iPhone offline, you have to use its VIP version. The first 30 days are free so you can try it before making any decision.

Gaana VIP not only allows you to download unlimited songs for offline listening but also offers such as ad-free browsing and exclusive access to the latest International music.

Download Gaana Here: IOS Devices - App Store

3. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio, a radio app for iOS devices, is one of the most popular music apps in the Apple App Store. This free app features more than 150 million songs and 1,500 live stations from across the country.

It also offers access to news stations and podcasts. The iHeartRadio app has received rave reviews from users who enjoy its variety of content and easy-to-navigate interface.

iHeartRadio's "My Favorites" feature allows listeners to save unlimited amounts of songs so they can listen again even when they are offline or without an internet connection.

Users can also share their favorite songs with friends via Facebook or Twitter with just a few taps on their screen!

Download iHeartRadio Here: IOS Devices - App Store

4. Apple Music

Apple's latest release of iOS 10 includes a new music app, Apple Music. It is an all-in-one music streaming service that has been tailored specifically for the iPhone and iPad.

The app features curated playlists from top DJs, personalized recommendations based on your listening habits and preferences, as well as access to over 30 million songs and videos.

You can even download albums or create your own playlists to keep offline! With its sleek design and intuitive interface, it's no wonder why this app was named one of Time Magazine's "25 best inventions" in 2016.

Apple Music allows you to use Siri voice commands so you never have to take your eyes off the road or stop doing other tasks while you're driving again!

Download Apple Music Here: IOS Devices - App Store

5. Napster

Napster launched a new version of their iOS app which includes curated playlists from music industry influencers and artists.

The update also included enhanced social sharing features that allow users to share songs with friends on Facebook Messenger or via text message.

In 2016, the popular streaming service known as Napster released an updated version of its iOS mobile application for iPhone and iPad devices.

This newest iteration contains several upgrades including more reliable search capabilities plus special "curation" functions such as personalized charts based upon user behavior patterns within the past week's listening history - all intended to make it easier for fans.

Download Napster Here: IOS Devices - App Store

6. Spotify

When it comes to the best free music apps for iPhone, this should be the first one you look at since Spotify offers both mobile and desktop users over 30 million songs to stream.

What's more, it doesn't require an Internet connection to play your favorite songs.

The user interface is smooth and intuitive to use with an abundance of features. One of the best features of Spotify is how it notifies you if your favorite artist has a new album or song out—a feature only offered by this company in its mobile app version.

You can also create playlists seamlessly based on what mood you're feeling at any given time, and start jamming them out no matter where you may be!

Basically, Spotify is a kind of streaming service with online access. When people say they use Spotify for offline listening, it means they have already upgraded their account to premium. So, how do you stream music with your iPhone offline?
Before streaming Spotify songs on your iPhone offline, you have to download them first.

With a Premium subscription, you are allowed to download up to 3,333 songs for offline listening. It's enough if you pick some of your favorite songs to download.

However, not all the songs on Spotify can be downloaded for offline listening. This is because those songs are either exclusive to other music services or they have been rented out from copyright owners who don't give you access to download them from Spotify.

Spotify doesn't have a download limit as long as you have an account to upgrade to premium. You won't be able to stream music on Spotify with your iPhone offline unless you upgrade your account.

You can always switch back to online mode if you want to stream music again on Spotify.

Download Spotify Here: IOS Devices - App Store

7. Beats Music

Apple's newest music-streaming service, Beats Music for iOS, is designed to be a more personalized way to listen to and discover new music. It does this by using algorithms that take into account your listening habits.

It also allows you to create playlists based on moods or activities. The app has a unique feature called the "Just For You" section which features new releases from artists you follow as well as recommended songs based on what you choose to listen to most frequently.

Not only does Beats cost less than Spotify and offers a sleek user interface, but it also has a great collection of songs from well-known artists, as well as up-and-coming newcomers.

Download Beats Music Here: IOS Devices - App Store

8. 8Tracks

8Tracks is a music streaming application for iOS. It has an eclectic library of songs from artists around the world, including many independent performers, and it's easy to find your favorite genre or artist.

You can also follow friends on 8tracks so you can see what they're playing, listen to their playlists together in real-time, and share favorites with them.

With its clean interface and free features, 8tracks will have you dancing in no time!

8Tracks is a music streaming app that lets users explore hundreds of genres at their leisure while making playlists with friends or by themselves.

It is a great music app for iPhone without WiFi because it lets you discover new songs from artists across the world.

All you have to do is search for your favorite song and playlists created by other people just like you, which will magically appear on your screen.

The best part of 8Tracks is that it's free and you can upgrade your account to 8Tracks Pro (the best plan we've found for this music app) only by inviting friends.

So, if you know other people who like music, then invite them and you both get the upgraded version of 8Tracks for free! It's a good deal if you ask us, and we definitely recommend you give it a try!

Download 8Tracks Here: IOS Devices - App Store

9. Music Paradise PRO

If you like international music, then you should try the Music Paradise app for your iPhone without WiFi since it is a free music app that gives you access to more than 10 million songs in 22 different languages.

More than 20 music genres are available on Music Paradise including pop, rock, hip-hop, rap, house, electro, trance, jazz and so much more.

Music Paradise PRO is also available for Blackberry or Windows Phone. You can find all the latest songs from your favorite singers on this music app.

The only thing you need to do is upgrade your account to VIP and download unlimited songs for offline listening directly from the Music Paradise Pro interface. It's that easy!

Download Music Paradise PRO Here: IOS Devices - App Store

10. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is another great platform where musicians upload their songs for people to listen to them. If you like Hip-Hop, Electronic, or any other kind of music genre, then Soundcloud has got it all and more.

SoundCloud is a free service that allows you to upload and share your music with the world. They also offer an iOS app for iPhone users (and soon, Android) which lets you take SoundCloud on the go.

The app has some of the same features as its web-based counterpart, like following friends, liking tracks, adding comments, and sharing content with other social networks.

You can also browse through trending or featured topics in their "Explore" tab. One thing this app does not have is uploading content from your phone's library - so if you want to do that it'll be necessary to use a desktop browser instead.

For those who are looking for a quick way to listen to new tracks by up-and-coming artists or established musicians, SoundCloud is a must-have.

With so many songs available on this free music app for iPhone without WiFi, you can imagine how difficult is to choose just one song to play!

This is why we recommend that you download it with your iPhone offline and play it whenever you feel like listening to some music.

Download Soundcloud Here: IOS Devices - App Store

11. Pocket Radio

This is another iOS app without WiFi that has made it to our list of best free iPhone apps. It turns your iOS device into an entire Radio Station, by providing you with unlimited access to over 50,000+ radio stations from around the globe.

Pocket Radio is an application that allows users to listen to their favorite FM radio stations for free.

The app has a user-friendly interface and the audio quality of each stream makes it easier for listeners to enjoy music from anywhere on any device.

Pocket Radio, which was released in 2013 by i-Free Innovations LLC., provides its customers with easy access via Apple devices such as iPhones or iPods but also available on Android systems like Samsung phones or tablets running 4G LTE networks.

Its intuitive design offers several options: you can easily browse through various genres including news talk podcasts comedy sports etc.; search within these categories; narrow down your preferences using filters.

You can now listen to favorite songs on demand, right at the tip of your fingers. The only drawback is that this app requires you to have a working internet connection in order to select & play songs/stations.

Download Pocket Radio Here: IOS Devices - App Store

12. iOS app

The iOS app is a great way to discover new music and enhance your listening experience through the use of social media as well as personalized radio stations that can be created based on an artist or song you like. is one of many different apps designed for discovering, sharing, and enjoying music from around the world!

This particular platform allows users not only to access millions upon millions of songs, but also helps them create their own playlists so they never have to worry about what kind of mood they're in when it comes time for them to pick out some tunes at any given moment.

Download Here: IOS Devices - App Store

13. Musixmatch

The Musixmatch iOS app is a free application that allows users to play their favorite songs. With the help of this application, you are able to identify any song played on your device by listening to it.

The lyrics will be displayed as well if they are available for anyone who owns an Apple TV or connected speaker system like Sonos and Bose SoundLink speakers which can connect via Bluetooth or through Wi-Fi connectivity with AirPlay compatibility feature enabled in them.

The Musixmatch iOS App lets people search for all their favorite music without having access to an Internet connection at times when there's no network coverage around areas where one might need information about what track was playing just before within seconds!

Download Musixmatch Here: IOS Devices - App Store

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